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Ceeon India

Ceeon India is a top Battery Rickshaw Manufacturers in Haryana. Battery rickshaws are called e-rickshaws that help individuals get better and in a respected way. Battery packs are chargeable and can give adequate backup to a great time. Ongoing with the help of the Ceeon India Company, you access the high-tech battery rickshaw. Contingent upon your necessity, they are accessible in stacking and traveler-conveying modes. This eco-accommodating or significant variation of Battery Rickshaw is of remarkable worth to move merchandise starting with one spot and then onto the next.

As a top Battery Rickshaw Manufacturers in Ambala, We worked loader carriage the limit of various burdens running as much as 100 kilometers. From little shops to industrial facilities, for inner material development, they are instrumental in diminishing the human assignment of stacking and dumping alongside empowering quicker material development for continuous creation at large assembling plants. We provide a first-class e- rickshaw.

Being Electric Auto Rickshaw Suppliers and Distributors in India. trusted Additional and high-level elements that make these Rickshaws the requested ones are excellent and outstanding in appearance incorporate a variable battery, great stacking limit, top brand rounded battery, switch gear body type open, agreeable front seat with two pieces of batteries alongside back seat with three pieces batteries, standard copper made charger.


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