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Ceeon India is a prominent E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in Haryana. Our offered Battery Rickshaw can run for 70 km on a full charge. Low-cost battery chargers used to charge these e-rickshaws have a power rating of 500 to 700 Watts and are nonpower factor-corrected. E-rickshaw batteries have a more extended life of six to twelve months. The body should be built to keep the aerodynamic quality and design and ensure driver safety. Better-quality bodies last for years, whereas low-quality bodies will last no longer than 10 to 15 months.

As a Top Electric Rickshaw Company in Ambala. We added that the e-rickshaw is a legal entity, and any driver passing the driving test would now be granted a license. In October, the government notified the rules for plying e-rickshaws, making a driver's license mandatory for operating them and limiting the maximum speed to 25 km per hour. Our e-rickshaws are comparatively cheap and can be easily afforded by an ordinary man. Passengers will have to pay less transport charge. It is cost-effective not only for the customers and also for the owners. The batteries can quickly recharge from home or anywhere, providing proper voltage.

Being E Rickshaw Suppliers and Distributors in India. It can be the best alternative to petrol or diesel-run vehicles as they are battery-operated. These electric rickshaws will not emit smoke and, thus, will not contribute to the increasing air pollution. The batteries used to function these rickshaws can effectively recycle and, thus, solve the problem of battery disposal.


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